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The village of Birch lies about four and a half miles south west of Colchester in the county of Essex. The civil parish of Birch comes within the administrative area of the Borough of Colchester.

On this site you will find information about Birch Parish Council, its Councillors, meetings, the Parish boundary (with maps) and Policies & Procedures.

As a service to the local community, you will find here also information about local organisations, activities and amenities for which the Parish Council is not responsible and for which it cannot, therefore, accept any liability.

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Next Parish Council Meeting - Tuesday, 5th July 2016

The next meeting of Birch Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 5th July at 7-30pm, in Birch Memorial Hall.

Parish Council Meeting held on 7th June 2016

A Press Release, summarising matters discussed at the meeting held on 7th June, is available on the Meetings page of this website.

Wednesday Shopping Bus - Changes to the Service

With effect from 13th April new arrangements are in place for the Wednesday shopping bus, and there are changes to the timetable. Details of the new arrangements are shown lower down this page.

Year End Report - for the Year to 31st March 2016

A report on the concerns and activities of Birch Parish Council during the year ended 31st March 2016 can be viewed on the page Year End Report.

Refuse Freighter Visits to Birch and Layer Breton in 2016

Colchester Borough Council operates an Attended Refuse Freighter Scheme under which a refuse freighter visits Birch and Layer Breton from time to time. Refuse freighter visits in 2016 are scheduled for the Saturdays 2nd July and 27th August.
  - Luard Way, Birch: 9-30am to 10-45am.
  - St Mary's Church car park, Layer Breton: 11-00am to 12 noon.
The service is provided for small loads from domestic properties, so that you can dispose of bulky items not normally collected with household waste. Green garden waste should be brought separately (to be composted). No fridges, freezers or other electrical goods, no hazardous waste such as asbestos, batteries, liquids or gas bottles, and no commercial refuse. For more information, telephone 01206-282700.

Birch Parish Council Information

On this site you will find information about:
 – The Responsibilities and Work of Birch Parish Council
 – Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk
 – Dates of Birch Parish Council Meetings
 – Press Releases issued by the Council after meetings
 – Minutes and Agendas of Council meetings
 – Year End Report for the year ending 31st March 2016.
 – Boundary and Maps of Birch Civil Parish
 – The Council's Policies and Procedures

Birch Parish Council Annual Accounts

The Council's Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March 2016 are available for viewing or download in PDF format by using this link Annual Accounts 2015/16   Also available for viewing or download in PDF format are the Annual Accounts 2015/16 - Bank Reconciliation Details

Other Local Information

The site also carries information about:
 – The Village Hall
 – Birch Shop and Leisure Bus
 – Policing and Crime Prevention
 – The Three Villages Community Association (TVCA)
 – Websites with local content.

Please contact the webmaster or Parish Clerk if you think there is other information which could usefully be added to the site.

Monthly Newsletter: 'Parish News'

This monthly magazine goes to every home and is produced independently of Birch Parish Council. It provides useful information on the many local community social events and carries Council notices, press releases and other information. In addition to a range of articles including our countryside, food and local history, Parish News carries a range of over 40 local commercial advertisements.
For further information and contact details, see

Bus No 85 - Shopping Bus to Tollgate and Aldi and Town

This service is operated by Hedingham Omnibuses and runs on Wednesdays ONLY.

TIMETABLE with effect from 13th April 2016

Layer Breton — Colchester   Service 85 92
Layer Breton, Lower Road 11:30 15:42
Birch, Mill Lane 11:32 15:44
Colchester Zoo | 15:49
Hardy's Green 11:38 |
Copford Green 11:42 |
Copford, Copford Lane 11:47 |
Stanway, Sainsburys 11:55 |
Lexden, Halstead Rd Corner 11:59 |
Colchester, Osborne Street 12:07 15:59

Colchester — Layer Breton   Service 92 85
Colchester, Osborne Street 11:05 15:03
Lexden, Halstead Rd Corner | 15:11
Stanway, Sainsburys | 15:15
Copford, Copford Lane | 15:23
Copford Green | 15:28
Hardy's Green | 15:32
Colchester Zoo 11:15 |
Birch, Mill Lane 11:20 15:38
Layer Breton, Lower Road 11:22 15:40

Disclaimer of Legal Liability

Information on this website is given in good faith, but Birch Parish Council does not accept any liability for the accuracy or reliability of such information. References on this website to other organisations, individuals or businesses do not imply any endorsement, approval or recommendation of them by the Parish Council.

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